Sat nam beautiful beings,

My name is Satgur and I am a mother, a wife, a Kundalini yoga teacher, and a retreat venue host of The Quaives based in East Kent. I run weekly group classes, private sessions, day workshops & my signature bi-monthly Be Radiant Kundalini Retreats all in the beautiful studio or stunning grounds of our small estate in the stunning Kent countryside.

Current offerings...

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Come and be with yourself for a weekend, and learn to tap into your soul centre and experience your own unique essence, opening your heart to shining your radiant light in the world. The world needs and wants You, the real you. Join us for a journey inwards and begin to experience the world and your life in a new way, with so much meaning, and potential. Practising and learning about the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan can help you attract the people and experiences that nourish your soul and support who you really are. Come and be with yourself, be with your breath and tap into you own deep wisdom with the wisdom and intelligence of these ancient teachings guiding you back to your Self and into a happier more full filled life.  

All set in the stunning grounds of The Quaives estate, with a range of affordable and luxury accommodation options, wood burning stove- hot tub, tennis court, plenty of space and choices for relaxing, delicious food cooked by our holistic retreat chefs and plenty of soul nourishing wellbeing experiences with Kundalini yoga, meditation, massage treatments, gong bath and deep relaxation. 


 28-30th Sept, 9-11 Nov, 2018

4-6th Jan, 8-10th March, 2019

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Wednesday 7.45-9.15pm @ The Quaives studio, no experience necessary, ...


Poems & musings from my day to day life as a kundalini yoga teacher...