Sat nam

I started yoga at 18 and fell in love with it, from my first class I was hooked, it was what my soul had been yearning for from the depths since I can remember. I loved that it was exercise but spiritual at the same time. I was learning not just body and breath awareness but deep spiritual knowledge; philosophy, morals, the way to true happiness, balance and peace, it felt wholesome on all levels. I began teaching as a qualified Sun Power Yoga instructor in 2009 (a form of Hatha yoga). My style developed over the years into a creative fusion from the many influences gathered from trainings with wonderful teachings from across the world. I have taught hundreds of people, with many different bodies, of all ages and in many different capacities; schools, studio's, charities, sports centres and at peoples private homes.  I have trained teachers to teach children's yoga, held week long retreats abroad and run afternoon women's workshops. In 2014 I embarked upon a yoga journey into a new area of interest; women's wellness. I experienced deeply healing practices and experiences for myself through a Women's Wellness Yoga Therapy course by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and gratefully had the opportunity to assist her for two years on various trainings and women's retreats from which I learnt so much and held monthly woman workshops to help share and spread this knowledge and healing. I then had the joy of pregnancy and after two years break from teaching and looking after my baby girl I had a lot of time to reflect and try new things, and this was where my Kundalini yoga journey began. I am now training to be a kundalini yoga teacher with  fabulously knowledgable teachers Ishwar and Kirpal from the Ik Saran Dhian school. My passion for yoga has gone to a new level since learning all about Kundalini Yoga and I can't wait to share this practice with you and provide a space and time for your to experience this powerful transformational practice. Together with my husband we have opened up a yoga retreat in Kent called  The Quaives, where I now hold all my classes, workshops and retreats. I am registered with KYTA (Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association).


This is my spiritual name given to me by my teachers Ishwar and Kirpal. Sat - means Truth and Gur - means teacher like Guru, 'gu means darkness and 'ru' means light, so guru means transformation from dark to light,  'Gur' can also mean sweet like sugar. Every women has Kaur after their spiritual name which means Princess and the men have Singh meaning Prince. When someone calls me by my spiritual name, it is like a mantra and the more people call me by this name the stronger and more powerful that mantra gets. It is good to mediate on ones spiritual name, on the meaning which deepens over time. It is a high calling, a reminder of ones higher self, it doesn't mean I am there yet, but who is? Life is a process of learning, remembering, experiencing, and sometimes lapsing too! The name already feels very special to me and I am already receiving little magical moments of inspirtaion about what it means on the deeper layers. 

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is a deep spiritual discipline that works on the physical body, the mind and the energetic bodies. It is combination of ancient practices developed by master Yogi Bhajan specifically for this time, which is the aquarian age. The practice includes physical practices of various asanas, pranayama (breathing practices),  mantra (sound), relaxation, and meditation. It has lineage, legacy and leverage. Kundalini yoga is known as the "yoga of awareness." Kundal is a sanskrit word meaning “the curl of the hair of the beloved,” referring to the unawakened kundalini energy which is blocked in the muladhara chakra at the base of the spine. Through the technology of kundalini yoga, prana and apana (the two life forces), mix and create a pressure which allows kundalini to burst through blockages and rise to the third eye to the pineal gland, the “Golden Cord.”  It has been descried as a light gentle energy, and once awakened you have to keep practising to keep the Kundalini energy up. Find our more here...